Working with a small charity

Working with the small Africa (k)now e.V. which are helping Uganda with education. I am working the website hosted and made by Jimdo.

Working with a small charity

Hello, today I will write about a small charity I try to help out with the knowledge I gathered in my professional life.

My friends had started this charity in 2018 and you can visit it here (it is in German though.)

I just recently attended my first meeting with them, I learned more about the charity and I am happy to help. The charity is trying to build a few schools in Uganda to be self sufficient. This will be accomplished by working with locals to generate their own money to send the children to school as well as helping Teacher's get educated and also be able to teach other teachers.

In the meeting we noticed that we need to improve digitization for the distributed team of the charity as well as contact with Uganda. I was looking at the website for a few months now. The website is hosted and designed by Jimdo, which is a great start to get an internet presence going.
I started to get my hands dirty with the structure. I tried to clean up the navigation, basic content placement and formatting to give the site a better look and also to get used to jimdo a bit.

Jimdo seems to me like a good and simple platform for everyone to use. The website is setup pretty fast and editing works pretty smooth for creating the needed content.

Next step for me was to get some insights of user behavior on the site. Jimdo is offering an single text field to insert the google analytics ID to get it starting easy and fast. You could also just put the snippet in the head field, which has a pretty code editor to make changes.

After about a month I met with my friend and we looked through the data. I mainly watched the Behavior tab (occasionally the audience to see if it's one of the members)

Google analytics Overview

Here we can get some insights what sites people are visiting, their bounce rate, their entrance points and several other things which will help us understand how to navigate the user on the website and give helpful information's. This is still work in progress, there are not enough visitor to jump to any conclusions.

How to acquire new visitors?
There are several seo checker tools on the internet that help you analyze your website, if you want to pay you can even get an full audit of your website.

Important changes I learned and made so far include optimizing meta tags, as title, keywords and description. Optimizing Content on the sites as in headline tags, enough words and figuring out which keywords to use for sub pages.

I noticed that the content is wide spread across the website, my next step would be to decrease the jumps visitors have to make by merging some of the pages into less spread information.

What do we want?
We want the visitors to learn about the charity and the projects it is working on, we want to give the visitor information about recent developments and keep them up to date. Last but not least we want the visitors to donate and help the organization succeed.

Let's see how this will play out

That's it, stay tuned, have a nice day friends.